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06.01.2014 в 21:30
Пишет miss cheesecake:

Simon, stop! :lol::lol::lol:

sherlockstuff @tumblr
❝Working with Martin is a joy, it really is.
The infuriating thing about Martin is that he will get his sides, like he’ll get his sсript, and he’ll say ‘right, go over it with me’, and he’ll read it once, he’ll read it twice, and then he’ll say ‘test me’, and he’ll know his lines verbatim. It’s so infuriating because it takes me quite a while to learn lines, but he just knows them straight away.❞
Amanda Abbington

Знай свое место, Том :-D

вообще, Молли была восхитительна :heart:

Шерлок знает, чем привлечь девушку ))

In short the two people who love you most in all this world."
You can see the very moment John registers that Sherlock just told him that he loved him.

Джон, отдающий приказы, омг они снова сделали это :inlove:

просто пофапать на скулы :crazylove: и глаза )

sassy mrs Hudson :gigi:

какая пластика :inlove::inlove::inlove:

Molly: We’re having quite a lot of sex. :lol:

очень понравился момент с отгадыванием имени ))

милая Мэри :heart:

и о грустном

I swear I will always be there, Always.

sevnilock @tumblr

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